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The Tasmanian Dry Stone Walling Centre offers some exclusive services for our clients. We know that there are small things that stop people from advancing with their Dry Stone Walling project and these services aim to assist you to get going. 

If you want something that is not here then please let us know and we will attempt to help you. Our life is Dry Stone Walling and we are happy to discuss anything that will help you. 


1 Dry Stone Wall Management Plans

With our experienced and qualified personnel we produce Dry Stone Wall Management Plans for developers and government instrumentalities.

Dr Susan Walter, a prominent Land Historian will lead the research of a particular site and make recommendations based on the Burra Charter and consistent with plans required by Council. 

3 Designing And Planning Your Project

Often it is difficult to start. What should I do? How long will it take? What can I do myself? What is the potential of this site? and; How much would it cost?

All of these questions can be answered though our 5 step process. Ge us a call, we will help you.

2 Selecting And Sourcing Stone

A key part of your DIY journey is when you select your stone. This is critical from a budget point of view but also about how your structure will look when finished. Understanding what stone you have as well as your needs and the costs associated with these decisions is critical to a successful project outcome.

Ring us and we will help you thought this process,

4 Farm Histories

We have excellent research capabilities and can provide a comprehensive document detailing the full history of your property. Who have been the previous owners, and what were their stories? What has your land been used for previously?

The stories of the past add a wonderful understanding about the history you are making in the future for yourself.

Interested? Just make contact and we can uncover the secrets that have been lost.

Ploughmans wall close-up
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