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Our Courses

Courses are conducted at the Centre located in the rugged hills surrounding Hobart.


The area has great views of the valleys below and is the perfect place to learn new skills, meet new people and breathe the fresh air of the Tasmanian countryside. 


Our instructors are internationally qualified certified Wallers from Australia and the UK. All are practicing Wallers with years of experience behind them.


Our courses cater to aspiring Wallers of all ages and capabilities and teach the internationally recognised methods of Dry Stone Walling that have stood the test of time for hundreds of years. 


Introductory Course-Beginner      

What you will learn:

✓ Principles of Dry Stone Walling

✓ How to strip out a wall

✓ Setting up your pins and lines

✓ Foundations

✓ First and Second Lift techniques

✓ Through Stones

✓ Applying Coping Stone

✓ Cheekend techniques 


✓ 2 day course, fully catered                morning/afternoon teas plus            farmers lunch

✓ Internationally qualified instructor

✓ Fully endorsed by the Dry Stone      Wall Association of Australia 

What you will achieve:

✓ Within a group you will be able to       complete a wall, applying the             learnings from the course  

✓ You will gain confidence in being        able to understand and build a          basic wall that will stand for                generations.  

✓ Once complete, you will be able        to undertake more advanced              courses such as Retaining Walls,      Project Planning, Curved Walling,      Building down slopes and so on.  


✓ Price is set for $650 inclusive of

    GST for the two days and includes       

    all catering, tools, qualified

    instructors, pre-reading, handouts          

    and information takeaways. 

✓ 10% discount for earlybird payment        

    14 days in advance of course                                commencement

    (use Promotional Code XB24Z when booking)

Next Available Course 29th & 30th January 2022

Ploughmans wall close-up
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